Jonathan Harper

13 April 1981
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Warning. What follows is a constant work in progress...

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Name: Jonathan Alexander Harper.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16.
Birthday: 13th of April, 1981.

Sign: Aries. A Slytherin Aries is a bundle of contradictions. In some ways, they have the potential to be the strongest of their House - the intensity, drive, and brilliant visionary dreams of the Aries combined with the innate leadership skills, the charisma, and the profound sense of self (including the eccentric lack of interest in conforming to what other people think) is stuff of which great magical legends are made. However, a Slytherin Aries has much to learn about politics, knowing who is an appropriate object of trust and who is not trustworthy, knowing when to keep one's mouth shut, and knowing when to avoid acting on impulse in order to use a situation to its best advantage. Although they hate to admit it, these Slytherins are easily manipulated by more cynical, shrewd peers in the Serpent's Den. If they can learn to manage their blind spots, they will go far. Slytherin Aries types can be quite cruel, especially if they have enough physical prowess to bully smaller students; those that are not cruel can still be thoughtless and brutally tactless without actually meaning to cause damage.

Wand: Nine inches, maplewood, unicorn tail hair. Fairly supple. Purchased from Ollivander's.
Familiar: A grey cat of indeterminate gender called Nostradamus.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 71 kg.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Dark brown.
First Impression: Jonathan blends well into his environment due to his nimble manner of walking and his penchant for monochrome clothing that doesn't stand out. If he is pressed to make any kind of proclamation on fashion at all he'll tell you black goes well with anything. He's been living in England for so long that his Irish accent has become almost imperceptibly light. If you want to speak with Jonathan you will almost always have to make the first move. He's an observer.

IQ: High, though he calls it 'above average' to avoid sounding arrogant.
Extrovert/Introvert: Mild introvert.
Phobias: Drowning. Anything untoward happening to his mother and/or his brother. Losing control of his mind and faculties. Being helpless in general.


'Reserved' would be one way to describe Jonathan. 'Creepy loner' would be another. He has no interest in gathering a large group of friends, and the biting sarcasm that occassionaly interrupts his sombre demeanour attests to this. Being in his rather intense company can be depressing, entertaining, humbling and somewhat frightening all at once.

If you have his friendship, however, you'll have it for a long time. He has a strong personal code of justice, and will act courageously to the point of foolishness if he believes it has been offended. Jonathan risks all for his loved ones, so it is perhaps fortunate that he limits this group so severely. At present probably only his mother and brother could have a hope of possessing his trust - and of knowing his heart.

His ambition and strong sense of individuality got him into Slytherin, but he has so little regard for the grandiose behaviour of the Death Eaters, their Dark Lord, and their simplistic ideas on blood purity that he might not win many allies amongst his housemates. Still, as a seasoned diplomat, Jonathan has learned over time to hold his tongue and, sometimes, to appear a better heir of Salazar Slytherin than he really is.

Family History:

Jonathan is the eldest of two sons (his brother Geoffrey is a first year Slytherin) born to Tobias Harper and Josephine LeFay. The Harpers are an ancient line, perhaps the greatest pureblood family to hail from Ireland. The branch of the LeFay family that Josephine comes from migrated to Britain from France generations ago. About the only tradition that stuck to this family was that they tended to be travelers and merchants. In matters of blood, as in practically everything, the Harpers and LeFays are complete opposites.

The intense infatuation between Tobias and Josephine lasted for about five years. He, young and somewhat rebellious at the time, saw in her the perfect opportunity to get back at his parents and their stifling ways. She thought him to be a stimulating and intriguing equal. Though two children were born of the union they were never married, and soon he changed his mind about the 'sanctity' of the Harper traditions, and she discovered she had been wrong to see in him a good man that was not really there.

For the sake of their sons the couple stayed together for a few more years, living on the sprawling estate of Harper Castle, sheltered from most of the world. When Jonathan was seven, however, Josephine had had enough and, winning against all odds and the considerable legal might of the Harper name, secured custody of her sons. They moved to London, where Josephine now runs an apothecary while renting out several houses in Diagon Alley. Her relationship with her sons is exceptionally close.

Contact between Tobias and the brothers Jonathan and Geoffrey is strained and infrequent, and not only by the father's cold demeanour which his eldest is, somewhat unconsciously, beginning to share. The Harpers are a dying breed, and Jonathan is the only viable male heir. He has no desire to fulfill such a destiny, however, and his father's materialistic attempts to buy his favour and his love with expensive gifts have largely been rebuffed. There are known Death Eaters in the Harper family, but if Tobias is one of them he has kept it a secret from his sons.

School Career: Though he has an exceptionally quick mind, Jonathan is no great scholar. He dislikes dry concepts, dates and figures, and constantly bemoans Hogwarts' lack of more creative subjects. His grades, though, consistently hover between the good and acceptable levels, sometimes peaking above them into greatness if, for some reason, he feels inspired. Quidditch, as both a competitive and team game, does not hold Jonathan's interest, but he has enough talent, or perhaps luck, to have substituted as Seeker on the Slytherin team on several occassions. He does not particularly enjoy such moments, though a victory might just manage to make him smile a little.


Friends - To truly become Jonathan's friend you would have to get closer than he is likely to let you, but there are a few people at Hogwarts whom he cares for. In Draco Malfoy he sees something of a kindred spirit, both boys having authoritarian pureblood fathers, but Jonathan is saddened by what he sees as Draco's inability to stand up to Lucius. Jonathan also bears Severus Snape some affection, because he strikes him as a sad, wounded man. Why this is a reason for him to care about him isn't clear even to Jonathan himself. UPDATE: Jonathan's respect for Draco has taken a deep plunge after he learned that the boy was responsible for a senseless beating his brother Geoffrey was the victim of. He is currently working his way into Draco's good graces, knowing that an unsuspected blow hurts most when it comes from a friend.

Enemies - Much entertainment though he derives from insulting those who do not match up to his standards of intellectual rigour, to say Jonathan hates these people would be to use too strong a word. True hatred he reserves for those he sees as capable of understanding the complexities of the world, but who instead 'settle' for black-and-white terms. Jonathan loathes hypocrites, optimists, and what he calls 'self-important' do-gooders. There are a considerable number of Gryffindors on his mental black list, but because he finds Death Eaters deluded quite a few Slytherins as well. Of course, a special place in the darkest part of his heart is reserved for his father.

Loves - Jonathan doesn't currently spend much time, thought, or energy on any attraction to a member of either sex, but when he inevitably does find one he will be liable to fall head over heels for said person, which just might endanger his well-kept cold front. He has had silent crushes on members of both genders in the past, but the realisation of his own bisexuality doesn't bother him in the slightest. Which doesn't mean he's told anyone... UPDATE: Jonathan is currently dating, though he's unlikely to use the word, Zacharias Smith, a Hufflepuff. Brought together by their loathing of conformity, the violently intense relationship between the two boys is fraught with danger due to Jonathan's inner demons.

Year: Sixth.
House: Slytherin.

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